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CBA’s principals have been buying and selling products since the late 1980’s 

For Traders: We have allocations for Petroleum products from Majors and Refiners throughout the world. Our experience has allowed us to ID real players quickly thereby eliminating JP. 

We require LOI’s and CP’s before starting the formal purchase process upon receipt of a SCO. 

Our suppliers: All follow normal trading procedures. We only start the formal transfer process after the Buyer agrees in writing with the Seller’s process. 

Pricing:  Our suppliers have normal product pricing and clear process requirements 

Spot product is available at times.   

Our Majors: All have product in tank at most locations; our trading activity is centered in Huston and Rotterdam however fuel is available at almost every major petroleum port and pipeline terminus.  

We normally have SCO’s with exception of holidays for the following products: 

Jet Fuel - JP54, A-1 

Diesel – D-2, D6, USLC 62 

Gas – LNG, LPG 

Crude Oil 

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