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CBA’s professionals have had a long and successful history providing M & A services.  Mergers involve aspects of strategic management and corporate finance dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and similar entities that can help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector, location of origin, in a new field or new location.  

CBA advises clients on Acquisition strategies while working with the client’s management to develop target criteria.  We utilize a broad range of industry contacts and relationships, extensive databases and effective search concepts, to quickly identify acquisition targets that are synergistic to client’s goals. Target Lists are developed and an analysis is completed on each target from available information.  CBA confidentially contacts the target Companies.  CBA assists management in letter of intent development and negotiation, due diligence, pricing, financing and closing processes. In many cases we assist in developing the post-closing integration plan. 


Management Buyout/Family Transition --

CBA’s professionals have been active in this segment for years.  Management Buyout (MBO) is a form of acquisition where a company's existing managers acquire a large part or all of the company from the owner.  The process is very similar when a senior generation transfers control to the next generation.  Both actions are in effect sales and are similar to any other acquisition of a company.  


Leveraged Buy Out –

The majority of business transactions have a significant component of leverage. Our professional experience includes letter of intent negotiation as well as securing seller or outside financing and/or strategic partners for the Management. Team.  Institutional, government financing and private placement of debt instruments are often viable alternatives. 



CBA works on business brokerage assignments in the lower middle market primarily in the Western US.  The process begins with internal due diligence, identification of markets and culminates in a sales plan.  Upon approval, the sales plan is executed and the transaction phase is managed to closing. 

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